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your Husband and Wife dream-team. Together we've documented weddings for over five years, and truly understand each couple's unique narrative. Our wedding services go beyond the beautiful imagery into an extraordinary experience for you and your spouse. 

Allowing our couples to truly know us, beyond the camera, is one of our favorite business bonuses. We strive to let our couples into our lives, so we can have the honor of being a special part of theirs. 

We are all about that real-love-stuff. After seven years of marriage we have traversed the highs and lows together. We lost Jarred's mom to cancer, struggled through infertility and loss, and experienced the fears of major surgeries for each other. We have traveled to some of our favorite destinations, purchased a home together, and adopted our precious pup, Zoey. Through it all, we have chosen LOVE. We know what it takes to really commit to a relationship, and we are ready to commit to yours.

Nestled in New Orleans, but open to adventure; we have photographed weddings all over Louisiana, a handful in Texas, and are soon headed to Colorado for two weddings. Jarred and I love capturing beautiful images, but we know that photos aren't our main purpose in life. We are blessed with the ability to do what we love as a career, but also blessed to meet amazing friends along the way. Our true purpose is serving others and bringing joy to the lives of people around us! We love leaving weddings with big hugs and full hearts knowing that we have forever documented two families and one love story, for generations to come!

We can not wait to document your legacy of love.

fall in love with us.

we are the crawfords,

Megan and Jarred made everything go so smoothly! They caught every moment and didn’t miss a thing. We are truly in love with every single photo and can’t wait to hang them in our home.

We made the best choice by using The Crawfords as our wedding photographers. They kept in contact with us through out our engagement to ensure we were on the same page. We have already received so many compliments on how beautiful the pictures are.  I would truly recommend them to anyone looking for a photographer. You will not be disappointed!!!

Kelsey & Jordan Smith

What our clients are saying:





We're best friends first, seriously.


Parents to The Goodest Girl, Zoey


We are major foodies & love to brunch! It's hard to find a Nola eatery we haven't had!


Megan's heirloom engagement ring was made with diamonds from both of our grandmothers' wedding rings.


Most nights you can find us on the couch with takeout and a funny movie.





Megan and I have a special story together. What most people don't know is that we dated twice. The first time around, Megan decided that she didn't want to pursue a serious relationship with anyone at that point in her life. Normally, a guy would let it end there and move on... however we remained friendly and a few months later, after a chance meeting at the bar where we first met, we decided to give it another shot. This time around was different, when I was with her it felt like nothing else existed. I really put myself out there, tried to spend as much time with her as I could and let her know I only wanted to date her. We took a trip to Gatlinburg early on and it was during this trip that I knew she was the one for me. While we were on a hike, Meg slipped off of a rock into a stream were trying to cross. Without a second thought I walked into the water, wetting my own shoes and pants, and helped her across. The way she looked at me during and after that moment, completely stole my heart. The day she married me I knew I was the luckiest man alive. Throughout our relationship we have been there for each other. To us, marriage is a gift greater than anything in the world. Something we often say is “ We are not just married, we are family!” We welcome you to be part of our journey and our family,  and we can't wait to be a part of yours!

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-Jarred Crawford