We are now offering videography services as an add-on to our client collections. Our desire is to create documentary keepsakes for the most kind and loving couples. The ones that are so excited by their love for each other, and their future together, that they just can’t contain the joy.  These are the love stories we long to tell!

Our films are specifically customized to each couple's wedding day, revealing the beauty of each individual relationship.

Booking us for both photography and film will make your experience easier and more enjoyable, and will make your images and video more cohesive, unique and personalized! These will be cinematic films highlighting the fun, romantic, joyful side of your wedding day; a lifetime heirloom for you to share with family, friends, and future generations! 


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Wedding films from The Crawfords are a cinematic experience of your entire wedding day. All the best moments curated into an 
8-10 minute film, with add-ons like rehearsal dinner coverage or engagement session cameos and extra features like drone aerials available to customize every wedding experience! Wedding Cinematography begins at $2500.

What was your favorite part about your experience with The Crawfords?

My favorite part of my experience with The Crawfords is they made my feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Megan had so many unique ways to capture our relationship while at the same time making sure we had FUN. They truly create a unparalleled experience. 

Dylan and Kaitlin Diamond

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What advice would you give to couples thinking of hiring Megan and Jarred?

Hiring the Crawford's was gaining life long friends. They are not only there to capture your special day but also to be by your side throughout the whole wedding process helping any way they can. They go over ever detail to make sure your big day goes as smoothly as possible and capture beautiful memories that you will cherish forever. Megan and Jarred truly have your best interests in mind. 

Jarred and Megan will both be at every wedding, whether you book just photography or both photography and film. We see film as an added bonus to any wedding day, a more lively way to tell your love story with movement and personalized audio. We have a short 10 minute film of our own wedding day and it is a keepsake we are so happy we invested in, one we can't wait to share with our children! We promise you won't regret it, as you relive the most precious memories over and over again!


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Yes! When you book us for photo and film, the pricing for film is less than you would pay a similar videographer, because of the package deal! 
If you book only photography, both Megan and Jarred will take photos all night. If you book both film and photo, Jarred will be the lead videographer and Megan will be the lead photographer, with a 2nd photographer and assistant with them as well.


do we get a discount for booking both?

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Yes! The pricing is the same whether you book both from the very beginning, or add on film later in the engagement process! Because we only photograph one wedding per night, we are both scheduled to be at every wedding so it is easy to add on film to any collection! The only cut-off is two months prior to the wedding date, because that is when we will have your day-of timeline finalized!


can we add videography at a later date?

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Depending on your add-on options, the length of your film will vary, which can also change your film delivery time. While our photo galleries are usually delivered 4-6 weeks post wedding, our wedding films are delivered closer to 8-10 weeks after the big day! Collections include an 8-10 minute cinematic feature film, but add-on's including full ceremony coverage, engagement session excerpts, rehearsal dinner recordings and drone coverage will add length to your wedding film. 


how quickly will my film be returned?

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Wedding film collections begin at $2500. For investment details and availability, please send a message via the form below. 



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